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A Dictionary Of Muslim Names

Author : Prof. S. A. Rahman

Translated By : NA

Verified By : NA

Publisher : Goodword | India

Edition / Year : 1st Edition | Reprint 2013

Volumes : 1

Pages: 158

Binding / Paper Quality :  Paperback cover | Yellow Paper

Print : One Colour Print | Two Columns | Clear Print | Fine Font


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About This Book

معجم الاسماء الاسلامية

A Dictionary Of Muslim Names

It is only once in a lifetime that a child can be named, therefore parents have to make a well-considered choice of a name in terms of sense, sound and orthography. The very best dictionaries have been consulted to elicit the most exquisite meanings. This is excellent guide for responsible parents in their quest for appropriate names for their children.

“A Dictionary Of Muslim Names”

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