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Commentary On The Initiation Of Abu Laith

Author : Qadi Zadah

Translated By : Arfan Shah

Supervised By: Sheikh Atabek Shukurov

Verified By : NA

Publisher : Islamic Information Society | Alberta, Canada

Edition / Year : 1st Edition | 2011

Volumes : 1

Pages: 292

Binding / Paper Quality :  Paperback Cover | White Paper

Print : One Colour Print | Clear Print | Fine Font


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About This Book

شرح على مقدمة الفقيه أبي الليث

Commentary On The Initiation Of Abu Laith

A commentary on The Primer In The Hanafi School By Qadi Zadah

About The Book The Commentary on ‘The Initiation’ is another rare text published by The Islamic Information Society. It further elucidates upon the source text by Abu Laith As-Samarqandi. This commentary is written by Qadi Zadah who was a leading figure in the Hanafi school in his time and he was also a descendant of the companion Abu Ayyub Al-Ansari (may Allah be pleased with him). The book contains the original Arabic text of Abu Laith’s ‘Initiation’ along with its translation and commentary. The text includes almost four hundred footnotes. It is at a similar level to the recently published Nur Al-Idah in terms of the level of fiqh and is an excellent tool for teachers of the Hanafi School also. It is an indispensable work that will assist the beginner as well as the intermediate student of knowledge in the field of Islamic Jurisprudence.

“Commentary On The Initiation Of Abu Laith”

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